Different Materials

Different Materials

  • Plastic

    The system measures the thickness of glass and plastic materials up to 13mm thick. Measurements are non-contact and can be made on flat or curved surfaces. Tabletop and inline versions are avail
  • Ceramics

    Custom ceramic parts are produced in the methods explained below.  All features of the part are formed to a pre-determined size, a precise percentage larger than the part specification to
  • Fabrics

    Fabric is the main raw material for garment manufacturing and it involves 60-70% of total garment cost. To ensure that only quality fabric is used in garments, factory takes precautionary measures a
  • Paper

    Optical inline paper inspection systems guarantee 100% surface inspection and process control for all standard production widths, process speeds, optical characteristics, and production and proces
  • Varnish

    Varnish is a soft contaminant, a high molecular weight substance that is insoluble in oils, sticky, and inclined to deposit on metal surfaces. Varnish material in lubricants falls out of suspension
  • Rubber

    This machine is suitable to measure the dimension of high volume oil seals in the production line. The operator picks an oil seal as a sample and measures the dimension by 2D or 3D me
  • Other Materials

  • Material

    Dimensions (including high accuracy) Machined surface analysis Completeness Thickness Presence/absence of required holes and cutouts Edge irre
  • Semiconductors

    In semiconductor manufacturing, yield drives costs, so manufacturers inspect products at many points between bare wafers and packaged ICs, seeking to identify defects as soon as possible. As li
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